Interactive Hive Map

At Essex Bees we have a fundamental belief that all food producers should be proud of their work and have complete transparency when it comes to the source of their product.


All of our honey comes from hives that we manage. We have full traceability of the honey we supply, from apiary to jar.


Our 'Very Local Honey' comes from only one specific apiary, our 'Beekeeper's Blend' comes from a local geographic area, our 'Monofloral Range' is predominantly from flowers of one particular plant type and our 'Infused Range' has a honey blend from hives across the county.


Yes it makes the spinning and bottling process a pain in the proverbial, but we believe that to showcase the wonderful variation of honey, even from hives that are closely located to each other, it's worth the time and effort.


We take pride in the hard work of the bees we look after and the incredible variety that Nature has to offer.


How To Use The Map

As you scroll around the map you will see a number of beehive icons. Simply hover your mouse over the icon and you will see the likely foraging area of a bee from that hive, although they will travel twice that distance if they need to.


Click the icon and you will see the particular details of that apiary, which relates to our honey packaging.