Managed Hive

Essex Bees Managed Hive

Our 'Managed Hive' and 'Rent-a-Beekeeper' schemes were set-up from the very beginning of Essex Bees and have proved to be very popular. We certainly would not be in the position we are if it were not for the support and offer of sites from everyone.


We are now working through a waiting list which will double the amount of hives we currently look after. Until we can develop this project on a full-time basis these extra hives will stretch us to our limits and therefore we have had to take the decision to close the waiting lists.


For posterity and future reference you will find below how we have built up the hives across the county, we couldn't have done it without you, that's for sure!


We have currently closed the waiting lists for our Managed Hives due to the incredible demand from everyone.


To increase the number of hives across S. E. Essex we need your help in allowing us to site them in your garden, at work, allotment or other suitable location. Hives don't just have to be placed at ground level, many urban beekeepers make fantastic tasting local honey with hives placed on a flat roof!


If you allow us to site our hives at your premises we will cover all the costs of supplying the hive, bees, bee keeping and extraction equipment.


It does not cost you anything.


In exchange for us using your site we will pay you an agreed ‘rent’ of a proportion of the honey produce. If you have multiple hives and do not need all the honey then we will gladly buy back your bees’ surplus produce.


The typical procedure in this process, after hearing from you, is as follows:


  • Have an initial meeting to discuss your requirements, our aims and the suitability of the site.
  • Install the hive with a nucleus of honey bees, including your Queen and worker bees.
  • Housekeep the hive and honey bees, including treatment for the common diseases.
  • Extract the honey from your hive, leaving your produce with you at the end of the harvest.
  • Prepare the hive for winter.
  • Spring clean the hive in preparation for the new season.


Questions, then please check our FAQs