Essex Bees
Sep 29th, 2015
Buy Our 2015 Honey

We now have hives in over 35 locations around Essex, with that number due to increase next season, all managed by ourselves.


2015, nationally, was not a good year for bees and honey. The South-East bucked the trend however and we recorded our best harvest to date. That’s not to say it was easy and if everything had gone smoothly who knows how well the bees would have done.


We do not process our honey or mix it up. Our honey is harvested by the location, cold-extracted and cold-filtered, and then bottled by the location.


Our honey is as close to nature as is possible in a jar. As we do not heat-process or ultra-filter it to break down the natural sugars and remove the pollen it will not stay runny forever. Our honey does crystallize – a sign of a good honey. Depending on the type and volume of flowers visited by the bees depends on the taste, colour and texture of the honey. Every location is subtly different and no location produces exactly the same type of honey year after year. Nature doesn’t work like that.


Our honey appeals to foodies, traditionalists, hayfever sufferers and localvores. It looks good, tastes good and is good. The bees have worked hard for you.


Honey Locations


No matter how hard they try our bees cannot produce anywhere near enough honey to meet demand. We always run out and therefore maintain a waiting list for those people who want to ensure a supply of local honey. We also supply a very small number of select local shops as well.


A lot of the honey produced is pre-sold and, if anyone is interested, we have already opened our waiting list for 2016 – and it’s filling up.


Currently Available


The locations below are for honey that is still available. (You can see our apiary locations by looking at our Hive Map).



Barling Magna




Bournes Green


Chalkwell Park


Great Wakering



Mount Bures



Thorpe Bay


West Leigh


No Longer Available


The locations below were either unsuccessful this year (it happens) or have already sold out (more likely).



Blenheim Park


Colne Engaine

Great Totham

Growing Together – Shoebury

Growing Together – Westcliff






Little Wakering



Ramsden Bellhouse

Ramsden Heath

St. Lawrence

Wakes Colne



How To Order


Beekeeping is low-tech and so, currently, is our ordering system.


Please send an e-mail to, listing your preferred honey and how many jars you would like. Also your address and a contact number.


The jars are £5.00 each and weigh a minimum of 1lb (454g).


As most of our customers are local we try to deliver when we are doing our rounds to negate any postal costs. If they need to be posted we will let you know the postage costs, but due to the weight this is not cheap.


Payment is normally collected on delivery, although we can send you bank details if you prefer.

It is first come, first served. If we cannot supply a specific honey we will contact you to let you know.


Other Outlets


Our honey is also available from these stores, prices may vary;


Broadway Fruits, 194 The Broadway, Thorpe Bay

Feast!, 19 West Road, Westcliff-on-Sea

Growing Together, 47 Fairfax Drive, Westcliff-on-Sea